Welcome to our site!  We update our website regularly, please come back often to learn more about our activities. Harmonica Aficionados Society (HAS) is the largest harmonica organization in Singapore. We have more than 100 members from all walks of life, and our common love of all time is, harmonica!  We welcome all players of harmonicas, whether tremolo, jazz, chromatic, classical, etc., to join us and help promote the music of harmonica in Singapore.




From HAS President
Tay Soo Sim

The new HAS Committee 2018-2019 was elected and formed in April this year. We will continue with the great team efforts in promoting harmonica music, not just in Singapore, but beyond its shores to the music lovers worldwide.


QY38 Sinmonica Echo

16 June 2018, Saturday, 7:30pm
Esplanade Recital Studio
Tickets: $25, Free seating

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Harmonica Works Exhibition — Tribute to Mr Chew Chin Sik

15 Jul 2018, Sunday, 2pm
HAS Club House, free for all

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